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Tuffcoat seal coat on rough pavement


Tuffcoat P+

Tuffcoat P+

Tuff Coat is the original product we began mixing and perfecting when we opened back in 1989. It has undergone over 25 years of continued innovation and customization. 

Unparalleled Performance

Tuffcoat is a high performance emulsion based asphalt seal coat, consisting of an industry leading aggregate blend, mineralogy, surface active agents and catalysts. This results in:

  • superior adhesion 
  • flexibility
  • durability with unparalleled friction characteristics 

Tuffcoat maintains high performance in all weather conditions. 

Highest Specs in Industry

  • Tuff Coat boasts a 60% residue
  • Weighs in at 11.44 pounds per gallon 

Tuff Coat is the time-tested workhorse of asphalt sealers. 

Tuffcoat will not: 

  • pullout
  • track or stain concrete, sidewalks, approaches or decorative pavers.  

Tuffcoat P+ seal coat sealcoat

Tuffcoat P+

Tuffcoat P+

Tuffcoat P+

Tuff Coat P+ is a high performance high density in motion based asphalt sealer. Tuffccoat P+ boasts all the benefits of our original Tuff Coat with several other unequaled enhancements.

Forefront of Industry Chemistry

P+ boasts cutting edge polymers for added:

  • durability
  • resistance to UV rays
  • hinderance to oxidation
  • blocking of water and chemicals 

Superior Components = Superior Products

Tuffcoat P+ incorporates industry leading aggregates providing:

  • unmatched mix stability
  • size gradation
  • hardness
  • mineralogy
  • chemical compatibility

What you get from top of industry formulation.

  • unrivaled friction characteristics
  • incomparable life longevity of the fixative film

Tuffcoat P+ is always manufactured as a high density sealer at 11.44 lbs/gal and 60% residue. Fully Dehydrated Tuffcoat will not pullout, track, or stain concrete, sidewalks, approaches or decorative pavers.

milling asphalt emulsion for seal coat


Tuffcoat P+


In the early 1970's we started milling emulsions and we have continued innovating and perfecting our formulations and processes ever since. 

Consistency of Quality

  • We follow a strict guideline when obtaining our base asphalt and take care to maintain a good relationship with our source. 
  • Every component that goes into our products influences the final outcome.
  • Regular testing of components before, during and final product after the mill ensure the most consistent emulsion on the market.  

Top of Industry Products Start Here

With our exceptional emulsion as a base for our seal coat we achieve:

  • a darker,  richer seal coat
  • sealers with the best bond in the market

SS1h emulsion can also be used to spray on to cement foundations to act as a means of damp proofing the foundation.


Non-Tracking Tack

Non-Tracking Tack

Non-Tracking Tack

A better tack made of strain-tolerant, non brittle paving-grade asphalt. 

Better Efficiency

  • Pave faster with less wait time, 75% faster traffic return.

Smarter Pavement

  • Improve pavement strength and keeps tack off tires and on the road where it belongs.

Money Savings

  • Eliminate costs to replace traffic paint and remove tracked tack. 


Tuff Barrier

Non-Tracking Tack

Non-Tracking Tack

Concrete Damp Proofing

  • Tuff Barrier is a non-fibered, asphalt emulsion damp proofing product, which is designed for damp proofing the exterior side of below-grade foundations and walls. It may be used on "green" uncured, or damp surfaces.
  • Cold applied, corrosion resistant. 
  • It does not crack, alligator, run or sag.


Cold Pour Crack Filler

Billy Goats and Pavement Tools

Cold Pour Crack Filler

Crack fill the doesn't need to be melted in a kettle.

We have taken our same innovation and care and built the very best cold pour crack filler on the market! We have taken our specially formulated emulsion as a base to make a crack filler with superior adhesion to the sides of the cracks; then we add several other components designed especially to give the crack filler unsurpassed flexibility and life.



Billy Goats and Pavement Tools

Cold Pour Crack Filler

At Seal Coat Supply we make our own advanced oil spot primers. Large oil spots or spots from crank case drippings degrade the asphalt pavement leaving it soft and weakend, and making it hard for even the best seal coats to adhere. It is recommended that any large oil spot be treated with OSP prior to applying TuffCoat. OSP will prepare the offending spot to allow better adhesion. Scraping the spot with a wire broom and burning it prior to applying OSP is recommended.


Billy Goats and Pavement Tools

Billy Goats and Pavement Tools

Billy Goats and Pavement Tools

This is the blower everyone's been talking about. The Patent pending FORCE by Billy Goat offers the best of both worlds –unmatched blowing power, and the lightest weight of any leading blower. We always have several models in stock so give us a call and we can help you get the tools you need to clean your job faster.

We carry a large variety of sizes of brooms and squeegees to help you prep the job and apply product.

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