Extend Your Asphalt Serviceability With Tuffcoat P+

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Lowers the Cost of Pavement Management

- Significantly Extends Pavement Life

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No Loose Aggregate Post Installation

Because of its tight bond and cure, unlike slurry seals and many other resurfacing processes, TuffCoat will not leave any messy loose aggregate.

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Deflects Damaging UV Rays

TuffCoat P+ is THE BEST sealer to keep UV rays from damaging and prematurely aging the underlaying asphalt saving property owners money.

About Us


Serving the Rocky Mountain west since 1989

Based in Layton, Utah, Seal Coat Supply has been manufacturing the premier asphalt emulsion sealcoat since 1989. Performance, quality, consistency and service of our company and sealer has been, and will remain, our top priority.

Property owners / managers, government agencies, and engineers turn to Seal Coat Supply's knowledgeable staff and reputation for top-quality, when looking for innovative and cost efficient products for maintaining and preserving their asphalt pavement investment. High density at 11.44 lbs/gal and 60% residue. Fully dehydrated Tuffcoat will not pullout, track, or stain concrete, sidewalks, approaches or decorative pavers. Our line of Tuffcoat products dry faster and bond harder than any other coating available when applied correctly. 

  • We take pride in our service and always have product available.
  • Located in Davis County since 1989.
  • Unique and proprietary formulas.
  • Our product consistency is simply the best!
  • Highest wear time due to hardness and quality of mineral fillers.
  • Superior dry time, good storing/shipping ability, great body/thickness, black, flexible, durable, long lasting, safe/devoid of dangerous chemicals, easy to spread and spray.
  • Absolutely no need for any additional expensive additives!
  • Faster dry/cure time than competing sealcoats for minimal cost of downtime and faster reopening to traffic.


Why Seal with Tuffcoat products?

Tuffcoat and Tuffocat P+ leave the highest volume of asphalt binders, polymers, minerals and aggregate which is more tightly bonded to the underlying asphalt pavement than any other competing product. When fully dehydrated and cured our products leave behind approximately 30% more material than any competitor resulting in more wear surface and more longevity for your pavement. High density at 11.44 lbs/gal and 60% residue. Fully dehydrated Tuffcoat will not pullout, track, or stain concrete, sidewalks, approaches or decorative pavers.

Even the best quality asphalt need protection! The following all prematurely break down your pavement:

  • Sun
  • Traffic & Oil
  • Rain, Weather & Moisture Intrusion

Tuffcoat forms a tough, weather, wear and UV resistant surface and provides a new wear layer to your pavement resulting in a beautiful, deep black, protected pavement.


Tuffcoat products will save you money!

Limiting the damaging effects to the asphalt pavement and treating with Tuff Coat or Tuff Coat P+ before damage sets in, leads to an optimum and cost-effective asphalt preservation program.

Seal coating works to replace the binder that holds asphalt together and overtime begins to oxidize and weather. Moisture can penetrate the asphalt and cracks can begin to form. Seal coating a parking lot can help prevent the cracks from forming consequently extending its life.

On average a parking lot that is seal coated every three years can not only double its longevity, ,but also save the owner about 50% compared to an unmaintained parking lot. According to a recent study, a seal coated parking lot that measures 10,000 square yards would produce a cost savings of $150,000 and can double its life compared to the unmaintained life of the parking lot (about 15 years)

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